Wetherspoon App

Wetherspoon app allows the customer to find the nearest Wetherspoon pub, get pub details, browse the menu, select the drinks, food, place the order and make payments.

The customer orders will be directly delivered to the table. For refillings, the customer can place the reorder option to repeat the order. This feature is very useful when customers can in a group.


Wetherspoon App

The Wetherspoon app was a mobile app created by JD Wetherspoon to allow its customers to access all of their nearest Pub stores details, browse food & drinks menu, select the table, drinks, foods, complete the order by making a payment with credit cards/debit cards.

It is free to download and run on any smartphone. The app provide a user interface with the ‘home’ screen and the ‘menu’ screen; each has a list of all customers’ points and allows customers to view a customer’s orders, change their order details, view their most recent order, and redeem their points for free drinks.

wetherspoon app

The number of drinks you can buy using a Wetherspoon loyalty point is limited to the number of drinks you can buy using a minimum of £1.00 worth of credit on a Wetherspoon restaurant

Things we can do with the App:

  • Search for the nearest Pub.
  • Get to know about the Store information.
  • Food & Drink menu.
  • Save the Order.
  • Make Payment with Saved Cards.
  • Reorder option for quick refilling.

With the Wetherspoon app, you can place orders directly from your phone, whether you’re at home or on the go. Place your order in less than 5 seconds, and the app will send you a text notification on your order, or you can order in stores to get the same text updates.

You can even use the App to find where your nearest Wetherspoon Pub is, and place orders to be picked up straight away. The App works with the Wetherspoon mobile ordering system, which is used at over 2,400 restaurants in Britain and Ireland. MyJDW is an employee portal for J D Wetherspoon employees.

App Features:

  • Quickly place orders in stores or online
  • Order meals in store or online
  • Get a text update on your order every step of the way
  • Use the map to find where your nearest Wetherspoon is
  • Use the filter to narrow your search
  • Quick menu options to make ordering easy
  • Order takeaway or carry out meals
  • Payment options

How to Get Wetherspoon App

The process is simple, anyone can download the Wetherspoon app on their mobile.

The Wetherspoon mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. Download them from the App Store or Google Play store. Open the Google play store on your android or App Store on your iOS devices.

Use the search option, to look for “Wetherspoon”. Find the official app – Wetherspoon by J D Wetherspoon plc, published in the Food & Drink category.

Now click on the “Install” button to proceed with the download process and install the app on your mobile.

How Safe is the App?

All the data and information are secured with the J D Wetherspoon. No connection with any third-party app or service providers. Thus, the app is highly secured and prevents unauthorized access.

How to Order Foods, Drinks & Shandy on Wetherspoon App?

Get your orders instantly with a Mobile application. Here is how, any customers can place their order through the app:

  • Tap the Wetherspoon app icon, the app will launch into the “home” screen and display all the information about the nearest pub.
  • Before moving further, kindly tap on the “Sign In” button to login.
  • Use any of the below options to complete the login process
    • customer email address and password
    • Sign in with Facebook
    • Sign in with Google.
  • Tap “Add location” and wait for the GPS (Geo-Fence) to get your location and then the app will show you a pin at the point of the nearest pub.
  • Tap the pin, the app will take you to the nearest Wetherspoon. You can either tap the title bar and scroll to the right to get to the menu or tap and hold the pin until you see the menu.
  • Select the foods, drinks, and shandy of your choice and click “Add to Cart” to add the selected items in your shopping cart.
  • Complete the payment with any of the saved card in your account. Or Enter your card details manually to make payment.

Once the order is placed, drinks and shandy will be delivered to your table within 15 minutes of time. After the foods are prepared it will be served hot right at your table.

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