Wetherspoon Complaints

Wetherspoon Complaints: If any customers want to raise complaints regarding the service or any missing items in their order, we recommend contacting the pub manager team representative for a quick fix.

To serve you effectively, we need your co-operation. Kindly do let us know your complaints immediately during your visit or purchase at our store. It helps us to take immediate action to improve the service.

Wetherspoon Complaints

wetherspoon complaints

Customers can also contact the Pub number directly and raise any disputes. Find the pub details, through the pub search features and dial the pub contact details. myJDW Login is used for J D Employees.

In any circumstances, if customers need to complain about any earlier issues. Feel free to leave a message through our contact form. But we request the customers to contact the team immediately.

REMINDER: Wetherspoon Pubs never takes table or hotel room bookings directly.

Contact – Wetherspoon customer services

Here is the Wetherspoon customer service contact form. Customers can fill out the below form, with complete information and send the queries directly to the pub managers.

Recently check the myjdw app. Customers can leave their feedback through the above form.

Customers can leave any opinions about the pubs/hotels through the same contact form.

  • Search for the pub/hotel from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the date visited, minutes, and hours.
  • Enter the receipt number and Bill Amount.
  • Share the feedback about the shopping.
  • Attach any files to add more detail (File size should not be more than 1 MB).
  • Agree to the privacy policy and submit the contact form.

Do check the frequently asked questions section, to know more about the solution for the queries. If any queries are not answered, feel free to contact us through the above form.

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