MiOcado is an online portal specially used by Ocado Supermarket Employees & Ocado Drivers. The employees and drivers can access the online portal from anywhere by visiting the official MiOcado staff login portal. Ocado Employee portal welcomes its employee to log in, reset passwords, and updating their profile information online at Miocado.net. Before that, the account for employees is created by the Ocado Human Resource team. Kindly contact the store manager/executive for complete instructions.

Ocado is well popular in the United Kingdom for its robotic technology their warehouse and one of the fastest-growing companies in the supermarket segment. This online employee portal allows Ocado employees and drivers to connect and access their work schedules, shift timing, benefits, payment information, and more. After the registration is done, Employees can access the www.miocado.net employee portal to view their information. This portal should be used for internal purposes only and can be accessed only by Ocado employees.

About MiOcado

Everyone in the UK will know what Ocado does being a giant in the supermarket sector. They manage a bigger warehouse where many robots are working 24/7 to fulfill customer orders. Plus some employees manage these robots to check their potential capability and accuracy. Ocado Drivers can access the employee portal and get instant updates about their workday and timings.

The online portal should be used by employees only. If anyone tried to access it, their activities are tracked and recorded as a personal entry. The activity of the authorized persons is monitored and recorded for internal purposes. So when employees access the portal, they had to be very clear about what they do online.

Ocado Supermarket is responsible for the Employee portal. Read the privacy policy carefully to better understand how the identity is protected and secured. During the registration, you agree to the terms and conditions which company had regulated for its employees.

Usual Employee Questions:

• Is Ocado a good company to work for?

• How much does an Ocado driver earn?

• What are the benefits of being an Ocado employee?

• Will i get health benefits with Ocado?

and many more like this…


Employee portal is very important for any company. With these services, employees can get instant updates about their profiles, payments, company notifications, offers, and more benefits.

Having any doubts on about the Ocado employee portal? Feel free to contact us.